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Dynamic Style Personalization

Genostyle is pioneering DSP (Dynamic Style Personalization), enables retailers to understand shoppers' style behavior, based on each shopper’s style profile, to deliver the right product at the right time to the right audience. 

Smart Algorithms

Genostyle’s advanced computer algorithms give mathematical precision to identifying which ‘style’ or styles characterize each customer’s buying behaviour, according to a taxonomy of styles developed by Genostyle that distinguishes between Bohemian, Classic, Edgy, Glam, Hipster, Minimalistic, Preppy, Punk/Grunge, Romantic, Sartorial, Sporty/Active, Tailored, Vintage or Western. 


We measure the style of your current and potential customers and your portfolio of brands and product vis-a-vis the style of over 10,000 brands currently tracked.

Actionable Style Insights

Evaluate your product assortment in relation to your customers' style preferences and your competitors' style portfolio. Drive profitable sales by optimizing style decisions in areas of merchandising, pricing and marketing. 

Power your online channel with dynamic style personalization. Measure your shoppers' style and offer the products and brands that 'speak' to them.

Style AI APIs

Infuse your retail analytics with measurable shopper and brand style KPIs. See how style affinity drives sales, increases loyalty and improves profitability through reductions in returns and markdowns.

StylSight BI SaaS

Not sure how style is driving performance? Let us diagnose it, measuring the style of each one of your customers, segmenting them by style profiles and style behaviors, determining root-causes, and assessing market opportunities by style.

Style Intelligence


Fashion artificial intelligence and data analytics solutions to measure style (your shoppers, your brands, your competitors), diagnose performance and drive results

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Dynamic Style Personalization

Dynamic Style Personalization

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